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My name is Mark Bromson, M.D. and in my profession I hear a lot about pain. Actually it's the main topic most of my day. And it's the reason why I'm always on the lookout for anything that can minimize the suffering that many of my patients endure.

I realize that when you are confronted with pain... it's perfectly understandable and expected that you'll try anything... and I mean anything to get rid of it!

But the last thing I would want for you to do is to throw away your hard-earned money on pain solutions that don’t even have a chance to work.

That's why what you're about to discover could easily be the most important breakthrough, in pain relief, in your life!

Doctor's Notes

“Neuroflex acts directly and quickly on the nerves in the painful parts of your body and starts immediately relaxing the muscles and increasing the circulation. As the muscles relax, it makes its way into the tissues. There it delivers another natural analgesic ingredient that shuts down the “path of pain” to your brain.”

Note: The best part is: it is safe to use and will help relieve your pain almost instantly!
Plus…it lasts for hours!

It All Started From A European Pain-Relieving Secret!

I must tell you that as a doctor it makes me feel good when I've discovered a product that can bring so much relief and happiness to others.

The formulation for this pain-reliever wasn't discovered overnight. Actually it took over a century to perfect. The original formula was an alcohol-based solution developed by a European family and was routinely used in hospitals and pharmacies throughout that part of the world.

Over the past century, the effectiveness of the product was improved by adding many other secret herbal ingredients, along with a convenient dispensing method that leaves no greasy stains or awful odor.

After hours of research and testing we are happy to share this amazing pain-reducing formula called NeuroFlex!

NeuroFlex Is So Amazing...Some Have Called It A Miracle!

In my practice, I have many patients with an array of different pain concerns. But after testing this product, it's amazing how many of them are confessing that this is the only thing they've tried that REALLY WORKS!

NeuroFlex will:

  • Deliver 10 times the pain-fighting power of any other natural pain solution!
  • Stop any type of pain...anywhere on your body!
  • Work faster, safer, and without a prescription!
  • Eliminate pain for hours without having to reapply!
  • Help alleviate inflammation, ease joint pain, reduce stiffness, and increase flexibility!


Try NeuroFlex for up to 60 days… at NO RISK whatsoever. If you’re not 100% THRILLED with the results… Simply return the unused portion for a FULL REFUND of the purchase price. No questions asked. That’s how confident we are that you’ll enjoy using Neuroflex.

Regardless Of How Severe Your Pain Is...

The wonderful thing about NeuroFlex is it only contains natural ingredients so you can always feel comfortable that it's safe to use. In thousands of bottles sold, there's never been one reported case of side effects.

So feel free to use it whenever the need arises and you'll start to enjoy the temporary relief of pain within minutes of applying it to any area of soreness.

And here's the best part - you don't have to pay "an arm and a leg" for this pain therapy. Often many pain solutions can run you into hundreds of dollars. And many times you would pay it. When it comes to pain...it's hard to evaluate cost.

But with NeuroFlex you can recieve the same relief at a fraction of the price. For just pennies you can finally start to experience a normal life again.

Here’s Why Folks Love The Results From Neuroflex!

“I have suffered with pain in my knee. After applying NeuroFlex to my sore area the pain lessened. The best part is it's easy to use. If the pain returns I just pat some more on my knee and the pain is relieved. I would certainly recommend this product to others.”

- Grant McMillian, Boulder, CO

“I play a lot of golf and whenever I feel pain...I just use NeuroFlex. I'm 57 years of age and have many aches. Lots of my pain is in my lower back and my arthritic fingers. Your product NeuroFlex has definitely reduced my pain. It works so easy and fast!”

- Frank Littman, Madison, WI

“I suffer with a sore neck and shoulder pain. After I used NeuroFlex I noticed it got a lot better...and it worked on my pain almost immediately. The best part is I sleep a lot better at night.”

- Dennis Goldman, Phoenix, AZ

“I stopped playing tennis about two years ago because of the pain in my elbow. After reading all about Neuroflex, I couldn't wait to give it a try. Well, all I have to say is I'm playing tennis 3 times a week now.”

- Brenda Tokin, Ferndale, CA

“I’m writing you to let know how happy I am with your product NeuroFlex. The pain vanished in just moments of spraying my arm with NeuroFlex. The pain only comes back if I use my arms carrying heavy groceries or doing yard work. Then I just use some more NeuroFlex. It makes me want to live my life to the fullest and not live so miserably.”

- Carla Messina, Cary, NC

“On my recent trip to Florida, I did a great deal of walking. I pulled a muscle in my hip causing throbbing pain. A relative introduced me to NeuroFlex. I applied the spray at bedtime and after three uses my hip felt as good as new. What a wonder!! I would recommend this product to everyone!”

- Garna Grifford, Nashua, NH

Note: The original copies of all customer letters are kept on file at the VitalMax Vitamins corporate office and are available for inspection during regular business hours. In order to insure the privacy of our customers, names, places and likeness may have been changed. The experiences given represent personal ones and may differ among individuals.

Do You Deal With Pain Every Day...Possibly Every Minute?

With one application of NeuroFlex to your pain areas... you're going to notice a sudden feeling of total relief! And once again you'll be able to:

  • Pick up a bag of groceries without feeling that jolt of hip pain
  • Open a can of preserves without your fingers suffering joint pain
  • Play your favorite sport and not deal with that "day-after" muscle pain
  • Lift your grandchildren in the air without the threat of instant back pain
  • Climb a flight of stairs knowing you'll not have hours of leg pain

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If you appreciate the moments of pain relief as much as I do... then there's no price on what you'd spend to find it! But what if I could ease the high cost of relieving your pain?

So, to help you get started I'm going to offer you this amazing chance to purchase NeuroFlex with the BIGGEST DISCOUNT WE OFFER!

Regardless of what size order you purchase, your're going to get our very best prices! It's a great way to give NeuroFlex a try and discover for yourself the amazing pain-reducing benefits that thousands have already experienced.

Can’t get much fairer than that!

Quick Pain-Relief Results In One Application...
Or 100% Money-Back Refund!

Now is the time to put an end to your suffering. And if you have any reservations about givingNeuroFlex a try then I'll make it easy for you with the NO RISK OFFER!

Go ahead, give NeuroFlex a try!

Take a week, two weeks or even a month and if after that period of time you still don't feel one ounce of instant relief, then let us know and I'll gladly make sure you get every penny of the purchase price returned to you. Simply return the unused portion of your order within 60 days, and we will immediately refund you the total purchase price! No questions asked!

Here's Your Opportunity To Finally Smile With Relief!

NeuroFlex is a powerful combination of natural pain relievers that can end discomfort and pain.

It acts directly and quickly on the nerves in the painful parts of your body and starts immediately relaxing the muscles and increasing the circulation. As the muscles relax, it makes its way into the tissues. There it delivers another natural analgesic ingredient that shuts down the "path of pain" to your brain.

And amazingly it helps not just for a few minutes - but for HOURS!

I'm sure within the first moment you apply NeuroFlex, you'll start to feel the way it easily saturates your inflamed muscles, tendons, ligaments and tissue to instantly stop your pain!

So regardless of the type of pain you endure... the severity of your pain... or what you've used in the past... nothing is going to work as well as NeuroFlex!

So, order today and take advantage of our Biggest Sale of The Year!

In Good Health,

Mark Bromson, M.D.


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  • MD: University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
  • Biology: Harvard College
  • Fellowship: Baylor University Medical Center
  • Residency and Internship: The Mount Sinai School of Orthopedic Surgery
  • Fellow: American Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Society
  • Fellow: Florida Orthopedic Society

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