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Dear Friend,

Even without meeting you, I’m sure there are two things you want most out of life.

The first is feeling like a “man”. I’m referring to a muscular… lean… in-shape body. And second, you want to have the ability to achieve an erection so big and so hard that your lover will be begging you to continue for hours!

The reason I’m writing to you is so you have a chance to experience the most unbelievable sexual booster ever developed. Believe me; you have no time to waste on getting your hands on this discovery.

Hello. My name is Alan Silver and I want to let you know that even though I’m employed by a natural health supplement company, I’m going to secretly admit to you that I too have a sexual performance problem.

For the past couple of years, I’ve been suffering with the difficulty of being able to obtain an erection. I don’t like it… and my fiancé doesn’t either! Not only is it embarrassing for me, it’s also very frustrating. The sad part of this grim story is when I finally do reach the stage of something that resembles a hard penis it doesn’t last very long!

It Was By Accident That I Discovered This
Sexual Breakthrough!

Much like you, I’m also a consumer of many sexual enhancers. What’s a guy supposed to do? If you can’t satisfy your lover and enjoy the pleasure of great sex… you try just about anything. Since I’m involved in the business of natural supplements I know the difference between products that work ― and product that don’t. Unfortunately, most of them are just a waste of money.

It was about six months ago and I luckily ran into a very educated nutritionist who informed me about some very new and exciting natural ingredients for the advancement of sexual performance. That’s when I approached my research department to develop a formula that no one else had ever attempted.

I can’t tell you enough how excited I was to have a product that will deliver what it promises ― to bring any man’s penis back to life!

I have to confess the secret to this amazing sexual breakthrough has a lot to do with the one hormone that many men lack ― testosterone. So it’s no surprise that the formula is called Testonol Suspension.

My Fiancé Is Now Accusing Me Of Having
A Penis Transplant!

Experience a night of satisfying lovemaking.I can’t forget the first evening I took my first few droppers of Testonol Suspension. Within only a few minutes of my lover’s stimulation… I felt an immediate rush of blood engorging my penis. Quite honestly, I’ve never seen an erection so big and so stiff… happen so fast!

The smile of amazement on my fiancé’s face was priceless!

To make sure this evening was not just a fluke, I couldn’t wait until the next day to once again experience a night full of lustful and satisfying lovemaking. Sure enough Testonol Suspension delivered what it was meant to do. The only difference was this time around I was able to penetrate even deeper inside of her, lasting for over forty-five minutes without stopping.

Now it’s your time to witness for yourself the power of Testonol Suspension! If you want to increase the length, thickness, and hardness of your erection without a prescription or their side effects, then I suggest you don’t walk but run to get some today!

All It Takes Is A Few Droppers… And Within No Time You’ll Have Enough Blood Pumping Into Your Penis To Keep You Going For Hours!

Imagine a few droppers full of Testonol Suspension taken orally is all it takes! This revolutionary liquid delivery system will be absorbed faster into your system than most capsules or tablets.

No longer will you have to take tablets or capsules hours before you have sex so they can breakdown and metabolize in your body. With a suspension delivery system you have no binders, solids or fillers that take forever to dissolve and be absorbed.

The liquid suspension preparation in this formula will allow your system to trigger rapid blood flow to your penis, creating larger and harder erections in a shorter time.

So, if you are like the many people who are fed up with trying to take a handful of pills every time you are in that sexual mode — then try Testonol Suspension. It’s easier and a lot more effective!

Discover Now How “Testonol Suspension”
Your Penis Back To Life!

Testonol Suspension

Testosterone Booster: DHEA & Tribulus Terrestris

PRIMARY ACTION: DHEA, a precursor to testosterone, has been considered a significant nutrient to help support anabolic growth factors, increase muscle mass, reduced body fat, and sexual enhancement. As for Tribulus, it helps enhance lutenizing hormone production in your body causing increases in testosterone levels.1

BENEFITS: Strength, stamina, and muscle building.

A formula containing Tribulus and DHEA together would have the benefit of raising your testosterone levels and enabling you to achieve more physical and sexual stamina.

Erection Lifter: L-Citrulline

PRIMARY ACTION: Increased smooth blood flow to the male reproductive organ is essential for the erection process. L-Citrulline acts as a vasodilator by producing the neurotransmitter nitric oxide (NO). Once produced, NO triggers the release of another chemical — cyclic GMP. As GMP increases, the smooth muscles of the penile arteries relax allowing the vessels to dilate and increase blood flow to the penis.

BENEFITS: Robust blood flow, enhanced libido, larger and harder erections.2, 3

L-Citrulline can have a 60% increase in plasma L-arginine concentration. That doubles the levels in healthy individuals.4  That’s why this ingredient is superior to L-arginine in eliciting more nitric oxide induction and achieving more blood flow into your penis for a stronger and harder erection.

Duration Enhancer: Ginkgo Biloba

PRIMARY ACTION: This widely used herb allows more oxygen to reach neurons, improve circulation in tiny blood vessels by inducing relaxation of muscles surrounding these vessels. Ginkgo also enhances the effects of nitric oxide to help relax artery walls and increasing the amount of blood into the penis.

BENEFITS: Increases circulation of blood flow, faster erection response and extended duration.

The impressive properties of ginkgo biloba make it especially effective for extending the firmness and duration of an erection and prolonging sexual pleasure.

Estrogen Balancer: Chrysin

PRIMARY ACTION: This natural phytonutrient found in cruciferous vegetables can lower estrogen levels in the male body by promoting its conversion into “good” estrogen metabolites. Through its effects on estrogen metabolism it helps to maintain the level of free or active testosterone.

BENEFITS: Longer lasting erections, more physical stamina, and support of good cardiovascular health.5

By maximizing the testosterone-to-estrogen ratio in the body the body will increase testosterone activity.6 This estrogen buster will allow testosterone to have a more powerful sex-enhancing effect.

Forget About Pills or Capsules… This Is Faster!

Undo Your Zipper Before Taking Testonol Suspension!

Imagine… a couple droppers full of Testonol Suspension will give you enough sex fuel to obtain erections so hard… so big… so lasting that no women will dare to let you leave the bedroom.

Increase your sexual stamina within minutes!Yes, it’s that powerful. The use of this liquid sex solution can help absorb the nutrients faster into your system. No longer do you have to wait around for tablets or capsules to breakdown and metabolize in your system.

Within minutes of taking Testonol Suspension you can:

  • Increase your sexual stamina for fast recovery time!
  • Increase your sexual desire for endless sex!
  • Increase your ability to have bigger and harder erections!
  • Increase your energy levels to last for hours!

Just a few droppers of this powerful and effective liquid magic and you will be blown away by the bulge in your trousers and the erection under the sheets.

Everything You Wanted To Know About
Testonol Suspension ― Answered!

Q.  How fast does Testonol Suspension work?

A.  Many satisfied customers who have used this product reported back about their ability to reach an erection faster than with most tablets or capsules. Because of Testonol Suspensions delivery system it’s able to disperse quickly into the bloodstream allowing for more nitric oxide to help increase the blood circulation into your penis.

Q.  Is it true that Testonol Suspension can help increase the size and hardness of my penis?

A.  The strong sexual ingredients in this formula will help stimulate and trap more blood into the Corpus Cavernosum chambers of your penis. This will enhance your penis to swell to its full capacity, giving you the ability to penetrate deeper into the female’s vagina.

Q.  How often will I be able to have sex?

A.  It’s been reported that most men have noticed more physical sexual stamina with taking Testonol Suspension. With this increase in libido you will be able to have at least 2… if not 3 sexual encounters in one day.

Q.  Does Testonol Suspension work for everyone?

A.  The reports received have indicated that men are achieving sexual benefits from as early as 30 years to 80 years old. Even those suffering with sexual performance issues for years have found success with Testonol.

Q.  When can Testonol Suspension be taken?

A.  Since all the ingredients found in Testonol Suspension are from natural sources, you can feel confident to take it any time you are ready to have sex. It’s suggested that you take it just prior to sexual activity since it’s been designed for situational intimate moments.

How BIG… Is BIG?
You Won’t Believe Your Eyes With Testonol Suspension!

Listen, if you are totally satisfied with the size and strength of your penis all the time… every time, then I guess there’s no reason to read any further. But if you really want to make a statement by lowering your zipper and delivering a massive erection, then I suggest you read on.

Now you have what it takes to potentially gain the size and thickness you would expect of your penis. And Testonol Suspension has this potential!

Here’s what it can do for you:

  • Length Improvement:  Expand your penis by pumping more blood faster into the erectile chambers of your penis. With additional blood flow you’ll be able to penetrate deeper for a longer time in your lover.
  • Hardness Improvement:  Additional blood supply will engorge the two spongy areas of Corpus Cavernosum in your penis, holding it contained longer for the hardest erection you have ever witnessed. Now with your new-found rocket in your pocket any lover can be satisfied for hours.
  • Thickness Improvement:  A sudden rush of blood has the ability to open the sexual floodgates causing an increase in the width and girth of your penis. This extra thickness will give you the capacity to stimulate the walls of the vagina more effectively and create multiple orgasms for any women.
Surprise your partner with endless energy in bed!

Watch Your Lover’s Eyes Widen
In Astonishment… When You Drop
Your Drawers!

Now is the time to end your sexual worries! Just imagine surprising your partner with endless energy in lovemaking. No more lack of sexual drive… no more embarrassing moments… no more disappointments… and no more sexless days or nights. Regardless of your past sexual history ― everything is going to change for the better!

Don't believe for a moment that women think size doesn't matter! Of course it does! Most women achieve a more pleasurable sexual experience when a penis is big enough to penetrate and stimulate the walls of the vagina and make direct contact with her clitoris. If you are not hard enough...wide enough...or long enough, both parties get out of bed unsatisfied!

You certainly don't want that...and most likely she doesn't either.

That's why you need Testonol Suspension in your sexual arsenal! Testonol is like pushing a button and getting an instant erection...and a BIG ONE too!

Testonol Supension has been formulated with the right ingredients...at the right dosages to deliver a bigger and harder erection that cetainly will never have you disappointing your lover again! Now you can have the sexual strength and stamina to keep her going for hours!

From Soft To Hard Within Minutes ― GUARANTEED!

I’m sure you’ll agree that no man wants to watch their power to have sex simply disappear from their lives. The ability to have a penis that can “rise to the occasion” on command is something you want and deserve.

I’m not just talking about a few minutes under the sheets with an erection at half-mast but one that standing tall and rigid like a flagpole. That’s what Testonol Suspension can do for you!

But of course, you won’t know until you’ve tried it. That’s why I’m going to make it easy for you to experience it for yourself. Grab a few bottles today and see how this potent and effective liquid sex formula can not only give you the physical and sexual stamina to last for hours but also the kind of erection any women would scream about with joy!

But, if by chance it just didn’t work for you… then I’ll make this a “no-brainer” offer. If you see a drastic improvement in sexual stamina and the size and strength of your erection then keep it and order more ― but if it simply didn’t live up to your expectations ― then simply return the unused portions for a full 100% refund of the purchase price.

No hassles… No strings… No questions! Everything to gain… nothing to lose!

Do You Want A Night Of Never-Ending Sex?
Let Testonol Suspension Make It Happen!

  • Want a bigger and thicker penis?
  • Want an erection that can allow you to have intercourse all night long?
  • Want to deliver the best sex ever to your lover?

If you’re tired of frustrating nights and being unable to give your lover what she deserves because you can’t deliver anything more than a soft, limp penis then the solution you need is: Testonol Suspension!

It has worked for thousands of men before you… and it can work for you NOW!

Don’t delay on getting this amazing testosterone-booster and erection-enhancer today! Testonol Suspension will deliver the stamina and passion back into your sex life naturally and without a prescription.

Don’t wait another moment… place your order now and experience it for yourself!

Sincerely yours,

Alan Silver

Testonol Suspension

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1 Antonio J, Velmen J, Rodriguez R, Earnest C. The effect of Tribulus terrestris on body composition and exercise performance in resistance-trained males. Int J Sport Nut Exerc Metab 2000;10:208-215.

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