Medical Doctor Develops A Revolutionary Vision Formula That Can Give You Eyes Like A Hawk!

Vita-Vision Eye Vitamins Improve Vision Naturally

Dear Friend,

Every time I turn around it seems I’m always looking for my glasses. Glasses for the computer… glasses for the menu… glasses for my cell phone… glasses for writing a prescription. Yes! I certainly know how you must feel. It drives me insane running around wondering where I left them.

And just because I’m a doctor doesn’t mean I don’t have some of the same health issues you. When it comes to poor vision I’m leading the pack! Since the age of 45 my eyesight has been doing nothing but getting worse. But honestly, I didn’t realize how bad poor vision can get until one of my patients stopped in for a visit.

You have to listen to this story…

It was just a week ago one of my patients, Frank, came to me terribly depressed. Frank a guy who’s usually happy and go-lucky every time I see him. But that day it was different. So I knew it had to be something serious. I’m thinking maybe it was a family tragedy or he lost everything he had in the stock market.

No it wasn’t that bad… but to Frank it wasn’t good! He just had his drivers license revoked.

eye vitamins

I really never gave it much thought how much of an impact this could have on someone’s life before but after listening to him… it hit home. So much of our lives are dependent upon driving. Grocery shopping… going out to dinner… getting to the drugstore… and even going to the doctor.

So why did the license bureau take away Frank’s privilege to drive? It was because he failed his eyesight examination! And here’s the bad news… Frank was even wearing his eyeglasses during the test!

It seems Frank hasn’t visited his ophthalmologist in over two years. And within that period of time his eyesight declined so severely that it’s no wonder they refused his license renewal. So why do I tell you this story? Because I don’t want it to happen to you!

I Promise You That Within Weeks
Of Trying Vita-Vision… You Won’t Care Where Your Glasses Are — You Won't Need Them!

improve your eyesight with Vita-Vision Eye Vitamins

My name is Mark Rosenberg, M.D. and I’ve been practicing medicine for over 18 years and specialize in anti-aging. At my Institute For Healthy Aging, it’s not uncommon to see folks over 45 years old concerned about the security of their vision.

Let me tell you that it isn’t the first time I’ve heard stories like Frank’s. And it’s this sort of unfortunate life experiences that have forced me to seek new ways for healthier living through alternative medicine. I’ve always been convinced that drugs and surgery aren’t the only options. This is the reason that I’ve developed a revolutionary natural solution to overcome poor vision.

So, regardless if your story is:

  • I’m tired of purchasing new eye lenses every year…
  • Every time I turn around I’m looking for those darn eyeglasses…
  • When I’m watching television I can barely see the screen…
  • I recently switched to large print books and sometimes they’re even blurry…
  • I use to love to sew but I can’t even thread a needle now…
  • I’m afraid to drive at night so I simply stay home…

In the next few moments you will discover how to end these frustrations and start seeing better than you ever thought possible.

A Team Of Scientists Delivers
14 Of The Most Essential Eye-Saving Ingredients… You’ll Ever Find — Anywhere!

Through the years there have been many natural solutions for vision health. I’m sure you have probably heard of them all… bilberry, gingko biloba, lutein, and eyebright. And yes, many of these are helpful nutrients. But I would bet that most of them haven’t even “made a dent” in improving your eyesight!

Believe me, it’s not your fault. Many of these formulas just don’t have the science to back up what works and what doesn’t. And after pouring through hundreds of articles and medical journals I finally realized that while many of these ingredients are effective… most of them can be considered useless if not delivered in the right combination in the right dosages.

Vita-Vision Eye Vitamins

But that problem is now solved! I’ve been able to unite all the essential ingredients into one amazing eye-saving formula called Vita-Vision! And now you can have all the benefits of this research so you can:

  • Improve your vision health within weeks
  • Start driving confidently at night
  • Read books easily or work on your computer with ease
  • Get you back to enjoying your favorite hobbies

...stop worrying about becoming one of the millions of Americans who are suffering with eyesight degeneration and fearful that one day you’re going to wakeup blind!

Don’t Even Think That Your Multi-Vitamin
Is Helping To Protect Your Eyesight!

Listen: I would be the first to tell you to never stop taking a good multi-vitamin. But if you are serious about making a positive change in your vision health then you need to forget about multi-vitamins protecting your eyesight. And the reason why?

Because most of the multi-vitamins I’ve come across lack the vital nutrients essential to maintain sharper and clearer vision as you age. Only a formula like Vita-Vision eye vitamins with its optimal dosage of lutein, zeaxanthin, lycopene, alpha-lipoic acid, rutin, bilberry, eyebright, and gingko biloba can you achieve incomparable results.

And if you take a moment to look at any multi-vitamin supplement label chart you’ll see that many of these important ingredients are in dosages that can be considered drastically insufficient.

For example:

Many vision formulas have Lutein, but they are often in dosages of 20…30 or even 100 mcg. The problem with that is “mcg” stands for microgram which is only 1/1000th of a milligram. And to be effective for healthy vision you need at least 20 milligrams of Lutein.

Here’s another example:

There are few multi-vitamin formulas that contain a very important ingredient called Zeaxanthin. In fact, most eye vitamin vision formulas are missing this critical nutrient. But you can be sure you’ll find both a full 20 mg of Lutien and 2 mg of Zeaxanthin in Vita-Vision!

The Next Time You Visit Your Eye Doctor…
You’ll Be Able To Read The Eye Chart
Like It Was A Billboard!

Get Better Vision Naturally with Vita-Vision Eye Vitamins

If you’re over 45 years old I suggest you start to consider doing something good for your eyes — NOW! Please don’t be like the millions of people who resign themselves to the fact that fading eyesight is just a part of growing old.

Every year you risk the chance of losing your independence from age-related macular degeneration. Believe me… life won’t be the same if one day your doctor tells you to stop driving your car at night — or even worse don’t drive at all.

How would you feel about not be able to watch television someday? Or read a book? And what if you misread your pill bottle and took the wrong medication? I certainly wouldn’t want to hear about that!

That’s why you need to start on a regular regimen of a vision-saving formula like Vita-Vision. But first, I want you to completely understand how and why Vita-Vision with all of its 14 eye-saving ingredients can help improve your eyesight. So let me take this opportunity to give you all the scientific and medical information you’ll need.

There’s no doubt in my mind that once you experience the sight-saving and vision-restoring benefits of Vita-Vision you’ll be happy with the results.

These Four “Scientifically-Proven” Vision-Saving
Ingredients Won’t Come From Your Diet…
Regardless How Much You Eat!

Vision-Saving Nutrient #1


This natural herb extract was effectively used by W.W. II pilots to help improve their night missions. Fast forward 50 years and science has also discovered that bilberry triggers the production of rhodopsin. This photo-sensitive protein helps the retina react to light changes and can assist you with driving at night.

Administration of bilberry extract resulted in improved nighttime visual acuity, faster adjustment to darkness, and faster restoration of visual acuity after exposure to glare. Bilberry’s beneficial effect includes the ability to improve oxygen and blood delivery to the eye and to scavenge free radicals that can disrupt collagen structures and contribute to conditions such as macular degeneration.1

Vision-Saving Nutrient #2


is a natural “super antioxidant” found in marigolds and is called a carotenoid. This potent nutrient helps protect your lens and macula from free radical damage. It’s these free radicals that attack your blood vessels, the lens, and the nerve cells of your eyes. They come from the sun’s rays, smoke, air pollution; even “good old” oxygen takes part in the assault.

Need proof? Take a bite of an apple and leave it on a plate for a few hours then come back. That “not so pretty” apple is caused by the same oxidation effect. Free radicals also go after other parts of your body too, but your eyes, naturally, are the most vulnerable.

Vision-Saving Nutrient #3


another powerful carotenoid much like lutein also contributes to the antioxidant benefits of your eye. Your eye contains a high concentration of zeaxanthin and can often be detected by an eye examination as a yellow spot called macular pigment.

A study done by the Department of Psychology, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, confirms that lutein (L) and zeaxanthin (Z) may help improve vision throughout life through direct effects on the optics of the eye. These carotenoids may also help fight age-related visual loss by reducing the cumulative effects of oxidative damage to the retina and lens.2

Vision-Saving Nutrient #4


is a high-powered antioxidant that comes from tomatoes. Along with lutien and zeaxanthin this natural supplement can also protect your cells and tissues from free radical damage. Scientific evidence has demonstrated the protective effects of dietary tomatoes on the oxidative stress in the retinal pigment epithelium.

Vita-Vision includes 30 mg of lycopene to help deliver a big boost in antioxidant power. That’s at least four times more lycopene than most other leading vision products offer.

If That Wasn’t Enough…
Vita-Vision Adds 10 More Super Nutrients
To Improve Your Vision Acuity!

Every part of your eye needs to be safeguarded from the threat of free radical damage. Regardless if it’s your macular… your retina… your lenses… or optic nerves, every cell needs to be nourished to stay healthy.

And that’s why Vita-Vision offers not only four key vision-saving ingredients but 10 more essential nutrients to improve your eyesight further. Our scientists made sure that nothing was left out of this formula. So along with the antioxidants mentioned above, here are the rest of the vision-correcting ingredients:

  • Eyebright to promote healthy blood vessels around the eye and eyelid
  • Ginkgo Biloba to help increase blood flow to the eyes
  • Rutin to improve circulation for maintaining healthy pressure in the eyes
  • Alpha-lipoic acid to improve visual function
  • PLUS — Zinc, Vitamin A, Beta Carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Selenium!

To Make Sure You Start Taking Vita-Vision Today… I’ve Decided To Give You
The First Month of Vita-Vision For FREE!

How much would you spend to enjoy the simple and important things in life — like watching your children and grandchildren grow up… painting a picture… following a recipe in a cookbook… or reading a great novel without keeping it at arm’s length?

If you appreciate your eyesight as much as I do… then there’s no price you could place on having a healthy set of eyes and good vision. That’s why it is important you take action … not tomorrow… not next week… but TODAY!

I believe that this is one health issue you can’t put on the “back burner” and wait to see what happens. Everything you do in life depends on your vision and seeing clearly. And that alone should be enough to have you start protecting your eyesight with this advanced eye vitamin formula!

Vita-Vision Eye Vitamins Improves Eyesight

If you still have any reservations about trying Vita-Vision I’ll make the decision very easy for you… I’m going to give you the first month supply of Vita-Vision for FREE! That’s correct… regardless of your order size; your First Month Is On Me!

Can’t get much easier than that! And here’s something else I have for you….

Order within 7 days and I’ll even include a FREE copy of my latest book entitled: Avoid Eye Disease Naturally: The Secret To Improving Vision Within Weeks. This is one book you won’t want to miss. I’ll give you all the added tips outside of taking Vita-Vision to help alleviate stress placed on your eyesight!

If You Can’t Read This Letter Any Better
In Just One Month… Then I’ll Give You Back Every Penny You Spent Today!

That’s right… pick up this letter one month from now and see if you can read it any clearer and sharper than you could at this moment. If you decide that there’s been no improvement whatsoever in your eyesight at that time… then simply let us know and I’ll gladly make sure you get every penny of the purchase price returned to you.

And if you need more time to put Vita-Vision to the test… take even longer. Go ahead and give yourself not 15 days… not 30 days… but a total of 60 days. And even after that length of time you’re still not 100% satisfied then don’t worry because as with all of our products you have Full Refund Guarantee!

Better Vision with Vita-Vision Eye Vitamins

I want nothing less than your complete satisfaction.

And if you’re like the thousands who already had success with Vita-Vision, I want to hear back from you soon. I’m sure that within weeks of using Vita-Vision you’ll start to become aware of how images are sharper… how blurred street signs are coming into focus… and how far-away objects seem more alive and clearer to you.

And congratulations! If you’ve read this far I know you understand the importance of doing something today about protecting your precious eyesight. And you also know how Vita-Vision can make a BIG difference in the way you’ll see in the years to come.

So, order today and take advantage of getting your first month FREE!

Today, you’ve made the right decision by taking control of your eye health and giving yourself the chance to have a brighter and clearer life tomorrow. One that includes the independence that only healthy vision can give you.

Sincerely Yours,
Dr. Rosenberg Eye Vitamin Supplements
Mark Rosenberg, M.D.

P.S. To make sure your eyesight continues to get better…I recommend that you take advantage of the money-saving offer for a six-month supply of Vita-Vision. This way you’ll never run out! And don’t forget I’m buying you the first month supply for FREE! Plus! If you place your order within the next 7 days you’ll get a FREE copy of my book entitled Avoid Eye Disease Naturally: The Secret To Improving Vision Within Weeks.

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These Statements Have Not Been Evaluated By The U.S. Food And Drug Administration. These Products Are Not Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure, Or Prevent Any Disease.

1 Anonymous. Vaccinium mytillus (Bilberry). Altern Med Rev 2001;6:500-504.

2 Bartlett H. Eperjesi F. A randomized controlled trial investigating the effect of nutritional supplementation on visual function in normal, and age-related macular disease affected eyes; design and methodology. Nutrition Journal 2003, 2:12.

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