Maximum Muscular Pain Relief That Lasts!

What makes NeuroFlex™ so powerful that people can’t leave the house without it?

The answer is simple! The reason you feel pain is because your brain is wired to receive communication via your nerve system. Whether it’s an injury or simply age-related deterioration of muscles, joints and cartilage, your brain is going to register this pain signal unless you stop it at its source.

That’s where NeuroFlex™ can be of huge help!

Its powerful combination of natural pain relievers can end discomfort and pain. It acts directly and quickly on the nerves in the painful parts of your body and starts immediately relaxing the muscles and increasing the circulation.

As the muscles relax, it makes its way into the tissues. There it delivers another natural analgesic ingredient that shuts down the “path of pain” to your brain.

And amazingly it helps not just for a few minutes, but also for hours!

A Real-Life Testimonial

I’d give it 10 stars if I could, and my husband would give it a full 100 stars.

This product truly makes his life worth living, and without it, I’m not sure he’d still be alive. If that sounds a bit “over the top” or extreme, it’s not!

My husband has 3 herniated disks, 2 are 3-4 mm and 1 is 8 mm. When anything tenses him up, or even just day-to-day life, he can quickly feel what he describes as an “electric shock” near his spine. Immediately his muscles start to pull him in odd directions, to the point he becomes fully distorted and can not even stand.

His body being in a very strange and obviously extremely painful “S”, from side to side. His shoulders go to the left, tilting his mid-section heavily to the right, then his hips bend sharply back to the left. His muscles literally CONTORT his whole body. At that point, he’s bedridden for weeks. His last episode lasted THREE YEARS!!! Even with heavy narcotics (which bring almost no relief) he was in excruciating pain. Not find any relief on more than one occasion he considered “ending the pain for good”.

A Life-Changing Discovery

BUT, many years ago, we received a simple pamphlet with our mail. He took the time to read the small black & white printed booklet. Page, after page, of testimonies. ALL raving about the personal effects (and relief) that these people had ALL gotten from this product called Neuroflex. He asked me if I felt he should give it a try. I said “OF COURSE, ALL these people are not liars”.

Needless to say he ordered it that same afternoon. And since that first bottle arrived, he has never been without it. He’s truly been a loyal user for close to 20-25 years. We keep bottles of Neuroflex all over the place. I even keep it in my purse, for when we’re out of the house. It’s in the car, in the garage, shed and several rooms of the house.

When is back starts to go into a spasm, he stops what ever he’s doing and sprays Neuroflex on it. He feels instant relief and has not had a major flair up since his very first bottle, He has these episodes several times a day, a few spritzes and he’s able to go back to doing what ever he was doing before the spasm started.

Neuroflex is truly HIS PERSONAL MIRACLE!!! We buy 12 bottles at a time, and keep a minimum back up of 12 bottles on our own shelf at all times. He’s truly terrorized by the thought of NOT having this product at arms reach from his back. He’s life would certainly NOT be the same without it.

As a result of this product, he sprays his lower back, (YES, even in the store or while running errands, he’ll lift the back of his shirt and spray his back, when ever and where ever the first spasm hits). Truly unbelievably, he’s able to keep going. Such an incredibly far cry from the man that was honestly, not able to roll over in bed, not able to sleep, not able to move or even dress himself.


We are FOREVER indebted to this product, the wonderful team that created it and that brings it to us...

- Susan W.
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Excellent product – the only pain reliever I use because it works.

Anne S.

I have found NeuroFlex to be a godsend for me! It has been very effective in minimizing my neck and back pain, especially at night. No more disrupted sleep! My daily ritual now includes applying NeuroFlex when I wake up and just before I go to bed. And it doesn’t stink either!

Bill F.

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